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What is linux mtk

This is an attempt to create a place where you can find information about Linux mainline kernel support for MediaTek SoCs. In this wiki you will find information about the available platforms powered by a MediaTek SoC. The idea is to make this a place used and maintained by the (yet small) community.

A table which tries to provide the mainline effort is also available


Up to now, only a few devices are easily usable for development and also have some datasheets published.

Other resources

There are several resource you can use or must use to participate in the Linux mainline community.

  • There is a mailinglist where you can find the latest patches. You can help test and review these to help speeding up it's submission to mainline. Although you can of course send your own patches. Please take into account the specific procedures for this.
  • If you prefer you can also check the patchwork of the mailinglist.
  • We also have an IRC channel called #linux-mediatek on freenode
  • The code of the commits which will be send upstream can be found here. The for-next branch adds all the different branches into one and get's automatically merged into linux-next on a day-to-day basis.

Thanks for support

Thanks for the Barcelona Free Software Meetup for supporting this project by hosting this wiki.

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