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How to compile AOSP

  • Install repo 1) tool.
  • Get the AOSP sources from:
mkdir aosp-x20; cd aosp-x20
repo init -u -b android-6.0.0_r1
repo sync
  • Download sla.tar.gz from the latest Mediatek X20 release and untar the content in the AOSP local directory:
tar xvf sla.tar.gz
cp -r sla/* aosp-x20/

Note: device/, prebuilts/ and vendor/ folders will be appended into your aosp-x20/ directory.

  • Compile the sources:
cd aosp-x20
source build/
  • Select any option which includes full_amt6797_64_open-
  • Compile the sources:
make -j<number-of-cores>
Section: Build Environment Setup: Installing Repo Tool
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