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Barcelona Kernel Peer Lab

What is it

A Peer Lab is a meeting of developers who want to work on a specific project. In our case that will be the mainline Linux Kernel. It can be that everybody has it's own little project he wants to work on. It can be that you find someone else to work together on a specific project, or you don't have a project but you are interested to start contributing to the kernel.

We are part of the Barcelona Free Software Meetup and love to promote and use Free Open Source Software.


13th of December 2019 - 18:00 to 22:00 at Lleialtat Santsenca

If you can't make it at 18:00, don't worry, just drop by whenever you can. Don't forget to bring your laptop, otherwise hacking the kernel is even more difficult.

Past meetings:


I want to contribute to the kernel but don't have a project

No problem, we have some HW that would need some developer love. Just drop me a line (see below) and explain how familiar you are with the kernel, so that we can find a good starting point.

I've never worked on the kernel but would love to do so

Well that's a bit tricky. You can come, but be prepared that you won't find someone who will be spending several hours explaining you how things work. There is some good documentation in English which you could start to read and update the code examples though. Another starting point could be this course.

Please find some first steps here.

If you want to start a step by step challange have a look at these exercises, originally from the Eudyptula Challenge. Other ressource is LK Camp


If you have any question or just want to let me know that you'll come, drop me a line: matthias.bgg[ate]

Or via twitter: @bruggems

I also opened a freenode IRC channel: #bcn-kernel-peer-lab

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